The EU fined Google $5bn and Trump is furious


The EU fined Google $5bn and Trump is furious

European regulators came down hard on another USA tech giant Wednesday, fining Google a record $5 billion for forcing cellphone makers that use the company's Android operating system to install Google search and browser apps.

The president tweeted: "I told you so!"

What the memo hints at, basically, is that Google might have to start charging companies for Android licences, should the European Commision's (EC) demands are granted. "They truly have taken advantage of the U.S., but not for long!", he wrote on the social network. In this way, it has cemented the dominance of its search engine. She said Amazon tried to license its Android-based Fire OS in 2012, but Google's contracts prevented it.

The escalating trade conflict between the USA and EU surfaced in tense exchanges with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies during Trump's European visit last week.

Matt Berriman, the founder of Unlockd, took to Twitter to comment on the fine issued to Google, saying: "Google may create choice, of which then you monopolistically control without regulation or independence".

Google Search and Chrome are as a result pre-installed on the "significant majority" of devices sold in the EU, the European Commission says. It also set a 90-day deadline for Google to rectify the problem or risk further fines.

Required manufacturers to pre-install the Google Search app and browser app (Chrome), as a condition for licensing Google's app store (the Play Store).

The penalty is almost double the previous record of 2.4 billion euros which Google was ordered to pay past year after its online shopping search service was deemed to be unfair to competitors.

Google received a record €4.3-billion ($5-billion) antitrust fine from the European Union on Wednesday and was ordered to change the way it puts search and Web-browser apps onto Android mobile devices.

Margrethe Vestager, the Competition Commissioner for the European Union, stated the huge fine would force Google to change its ways, increasing the chances of competition search apps and browsers to be downloaded.

For two years, a team of 100 engineers at Google have secretly been working on the successor to Android, the operating system that powers three quarters of the world's smartphones, according to a Bloomberg report published Thursday.

His administration in early March announced tariffs of 25 percent on aluminum and 10 percent on steel imports that also include the European Union.



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