Tesla Sells Out of Its $1,500 Surfboards


Tesla Sells Out of Its $1,500 Surfboards

Tesla released and promptly sold out of limited-edition branded surfboards online Sunday, according to Tech Crunch.

Earlier this year, Elon Musk's Boring Company sold a 20,000 batch of flamethrowers.

The company also notes that the Tesla surfboard will fit comfortably inside or outside of its Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles.

VERY LIMITED EDITION. Tesla produced just 200 of the $1,500 boards, and they sold out nearly immediately. Indeed, the boards have already sold out, primarily due to Tesla's minuscule 200-unit pre-order capacity.

Tesla offered an unusual item over the weekend on its website: a surfboard.

Elon Musk's auto company has sent a letter to suppliers asking them to return a portion of the money they had been paid.

The run of 200 limited edition surfboards is unlikely to contribute to Tesla's revenues. The surfboards have the same finish as Tesla cars and are designed with a special lightweight carbon fiber. The company collaborated with Lost Surfboards, and is selling a $1,500 surfboard of its own, TechCrunch reported Saturday. According to the surfboard store page, the products feature "Black Dart" carbon fiber construction, created to give the boards more durability while their users catch waves. Try using the newest Elon Musk creation to get around - if you can find one.

The boards, which are made to order, are scheduled to ship in two to 10 weeks-but they don't come with fins.

That hasn't stopped buyers from putting their boards for sale on eBay.



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