Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen should cooperate with federal investigators


Rudy Giuliani says Michael Cohen should cooperate with federal investigators

In particular, the same sources say Giuliani is wading into risky territory when he asks Cohen to "tell the truth" about the Trump Tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and Russian meddling in the election. Cohen switched up his legal team recently after his previous counsel completed an extensive review of documents seized from Cohen's home, office and Manhattan hotel room during an April raid.

Giuliani's television appearances come on the heels of an admission earlier this week to ABC's George Stephanopoulos by Cohen - who once boasted he would "take a bullet" for Trump - that he is putting "family and country first" and protecting the president is not his priority.

As for Giuliani's request that Mueller present evidence of Trump committing a crime before an interview, McCarthy said he's "quite right to go there".

Trump has often said he is ready for an interview in Mueller's 14-month probe, but Giuliani told CNN, "We'd like to know if there's any factual basis for the investigation originally or the developed one, because we can't find one".

Giuliani contended that Mueller would not be pressing to interview Trump "if they had anything" against the president, although it is not known what evidence he may have collected.

"I was probably there that day", he said a bit cryptically, adding, "I don't remember it".

"Now how you can say [the Mueller probe is] a legitimate investigation, well then there are no illegitimate investigations", Giuliani claimed on CNN.

The special counsel is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, whether Mr. Trump's campaign colluded with the Kremlin and whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice in his subsequent actions.

But some analysts have drawn comparisons between Cohen's story and that of former Trump aide Michael Flynn, who was charged by Mueller's team past year. "They have to give us factual basis leading to some suspicion of a crime". That's something you can decide down the road, one way or the other, " Giuliani said.

Sources close to Cohen have slowly begun telling the media that the president's former attorney is ready to flip on his ex-boss.

Cohen's attorney, however, urged the president and his lawyers to buckle up. By demanding an unreasonable amount of information from Mueller and his team, Giuliani is trying to make the public believe that it is Mueller's fault that Trump is not voluntarily agreeing to meet with him.

Although Trump still "wants to testify", as Giuliani insisted, the likelihood of him speaking with Mueller looks increasingly slim. Cohen's going to face the full firepower of the armed and operational Trump-crony battle station if he rolls over.



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