New Pixel 3 leaked photos show deeper notch than iPhone X


New Pixel 3 leaked photos show deeper notch than iPhone X

A fresh leak purports to show the upcoming Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone that could lure iPhone owners away from their next upgrade come September.

XDA leaker posted some pictures of a Pixel 3 XL device, showing off the device in all its glory. This houses dual front-facing cameras as well as one of two speakers, with the second placed in the handset's thicker chin. As well they should be - Google Pixel 2 is still one of the best camera phones in the world almost a year after initial release.

Now, more information about the Pixel Stand suggests that the device would not only act as a wireless charger but also help turn the phone into an assistant-powered smart screen.

This update has been rumored for a while now, and the advent of the Pixel Stand all but confirms it.

From the "supposedly Pixel 3 XL model", the black and white model has the same aesthetics (you can see the surface design is the same as the predecessor) for the main camera, LED flashlight and the fingerprint sensor on the back, as well as the rather big notch at the front which should feature the front camera and a face recognition sensor.

The phone, however, doesn't boot up, as Google has wiped it remotely. They also testify to the fact that there will be a 64GB storage option available as well.

If we follow Google's schedule, it should be out on 4 October 2018 or so.

Photos that allegedly show the Pixel 3 XL have made their way online.

We now have not one but two Pixel 3 leaks you should know about, including actual images of a prototype spotted in the wild, as well as more confirmation that the Pixel 3 series will support wireless charging.

The source of this leak on XDA Developers said that it's "totally glass", but there is still a change in texture, with the top glossy and the bottom matte, to keep that visual design from the previous devices.



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