Mar-a-Lago Is Still Trying To Higher Foreign Workers


Mar-a-Lago Is Still Trying To Higher Foreign Workers

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump was asked about the club's practice of hiring foreign workers for the busiest months of the year during one of the Republican primary debates.

Donald Trump wants to hire 61 people from overseas to come and work as waiters and cooks at his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort.

The club is hiring 40 waiters and waitresses and 21 cooks to work the busy season from October 1 to May 31.

Once again, Trump's business practices have seemingly contradicted his views on immigration as his Mar-a-Lago resort wants to hire 40 more foreign workers. It's unclear if they were approved.

The postings show that - despite Trump's insistence that immigration is holding down wages and crowding out native-born American workers - his club believes it can not find any Americans in South Florida who are qualified to hold two very common restaurant-industry jobs. Earlier this year, the company asked to hire 14 foreign workers to be cooks and waiters at the Trump golf club in Westchester County, New York.

Trump's foreign hiring spree comes as he took to Twitter to hail the latest U.S. employment figures, writing 'JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!'

Trump's competitors have said the seasonal nature of resort work - which picks up in the fall and drops off in the spring when wealthy snowbirds leave Palm Beach - is not attractive to American workers. According to The Washington Post, "Mar-a-Lago only placed two hard-to-find classified ads in tiny type for waiters with no phone number or email information".

In January 2018, it had requested 70 H-2B visas for cooks, servers and housekeepers, reported CNN. But as a request from the president's Mar-a-Lago golf club to hire 61 people from overseas demonstrates, putting that preference into practice can prove hard.

It also states that "the influx of foreign workers holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high, and makes it hard for poor and working class Americans - including immigrants themselves and their children - to earn a middle class wage". That same week, however, "Mar-a-Lago was applying for foreign worker visas".



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