Elon Musk makes unfounded accusation against Thai cave rescuer


Elon Musk makes unfounded accusation against Thai cave rescuer

Mr Musk, the South African-born innovator and billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX, found himself in hot water after insulting Mr Vern Unsworth, a British diver who worked on the Thai football team rescue and who dismissed Mr Musk's plan to recover the trapped group.

Today, the diver - who was an instrumental part of the rescue efforts - told reporters he is considering legal action against Mr Musk.

After Elon Musk branded one of the British divers who saved 12 boys a "pedo", the man has said he is considering legal action.

In a series of tweets on Sunday night, Musk questioned Unsworth's involvement in the rescue, describing him as a "suss [suspicious] British expat guy who lives in Thailand".

What's weird about Musk's tweet is that it came on July 15, a full five days after the boys were rescued.

The comment about the caverwas far from the first Twitter outburst for Musk, who is fond of talking about tweeting on Ambien.

As such, he kindly invited Musk to stick the submarine "where it hurts".

Responding to the tweet, Mr Unsworth told Australia's 7 News: "It's not finished".

Musk then specifically singled out Unsworth, pushing back against his comment that the submarine wouldn't have made it even 50 metres into the cave passage, and challenged him to share video of the rescue to back up his claims.

Mr O'Donnell said Mr Musk has fallen into a "hero worship persona" but has failed to live up to the responsibility that implies.

Musk's tweets have rattled investors, sending the stock down more than 16% since last month, at a time when bears are increasingly skeptical that the firm can continue to sustain operations without raising more cash.

"Yes", Unsworth said instantly.

The caver said he would make a decision when he flies back to the United Kingdom this week, but added that the episode with Musk "ain't finished".

It was an eventful weekend for Tesla CEO Elon Musk - and the action rolled in to Monday when markets opened, with Tesla shares falling more than 3% in trading.

Musk's posts on Twitter sparked backlash from shareholders and Silicon Valley analysts, who called his behavior immature and an impediment to the auto company's success. "Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it", he wrote.

Musk is known for his comebacks aimed at journalists and Wall Street analysts. "I have given vastly more to humanitarian causes".

"He should focus on his profession", Zhao said, adding that if Musk wanted to help these kinds of causes, he should have a separate charity organization.

The investors went on to say that Musk's behavior was "fueling an unhelpful perception" of his leadership - calling it "thin-skinned and short-tempered".



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