Dominic Raab new Brexit minister


Dominic Raab new Brexit minister

"We will do this in a way which will be a smooth and orderly Brexit".

"Our priority around Brexit is to ensure that Australia secures a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom that's as beneficial to both countries as possible, as soon as possible", Mr Pyne said.

A Brexit supporter, his most high-profile appointment was that of housing minister, a position he has only held since January 2018.

Dominic Raab has been appointed the new Brexit Secretary by Theresa May.

A third amendment would require the government to sign up to having a separate Value-Added Tax regime from the EU, while a fourth would oblige the PM to creating primary legislation if she wanted to remain in the EU's customs union.

After the meeting, senior lawmakers said they did not expect the prime minister to face a vote of no confidence, although some Conservatives were still saying that she should go.

He says "I like Theresa May, I think she's a good prime minister". These have all but stalled because of her reticence of show her cards until now for fear of angering one of the two main factions of her party.

But the furor has gained the attention of her allies.

Mr Corbyn called for a government capable of "governing and negotiating for Britain", adding: "For the good of this country and its people, the Government needs to get its act together and do it quickly and if it can't, make way for those who can".

"Having said this, we congratulate Kit Malthouse, who we look forward to working with to tackle the various challenges".

May appears to have seen off an immediate challenge to her leadership from malcontents within her Conservative Party but Trump's comments ahead of the trip - that Britain was "in somewhat turmoil" and that it was up to the people if she stayed in power - fanned the sense of political crisis.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen submitted the letter of no confidence to Graham Brady, the chair of the influential 1922 Committee. They also lack the support in parliament to try to change any deal that is agreed with the EU.

Speaking at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels, Prime Minister May insisted that her Chequers deal delivered on the "red lines" that she set out in her Lancaster House speech previous year. But within 48 hours Davis had quit, saying she had already given too much away to the European Union, and Johnson followed. "That dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt".

May replaced Davis by appointing Dominic Raab as the new Brexit Secretary.

The ex-MP said there was a "plan" to curtail the role of the Brexit department.

The Sun, Britain's biggest-selling newspaper, which has long argued for Brexit, said May had made "blunder after blunder".

"Whoever becomes leader is going to have exactly the same problems she's got, which is, thanks to her and her election previous year; we don't have a majority in the House of Commons", she said.

"We will not get a clean, democratic Brexit under Theresa May and if the Conservative Party don't come to their senses, then yes, when there is a leadership contest in Ukip at the end of March next year, then I would seriously consider throwing my hat back in the ring".



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