Woman gored by bison at Yellowstone Park


Woman gored by bison at Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park's superintendent said Thursday that he's being forced out in an apparent "punitive action" following disagreements with the Trump administration over how many bison the park can sustain, a longstanding source of conflict between park officials and ranchers in neighboring Montana. The incident has been blamed on heavy crowds at the park crowding the bison, which can charge if provoked or scared, reports ABC News.

The crowd came within about 10 yards of the bison while walking along the boardwalk. "The bison immediately left the area".

Park rangers responded to the incident and treated Hancock for a hip injury.

She was taken by ambulance to a Montana hotel and was in good condition.

For the third time this week and fourth time in just over a month, a park visitor was attacked by wildlife.

Two people have been attacked by elks in recent days as well.

FILE - In this August 3, 2016, file photo, a bison blocks traffic as tourists take photos of the animals in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone National Park in Wyo. Because of the severity of her injuries she was flown to an Idaho trauma center.

That's more than a 6 percent increase over a year ago (419,635 visits), and surpasses May 2016 (444,630 visits) as the busiest May ever in Yellowstone National Park.

The park identified the woman as 59-year-old Kim Hancock of Santa Rosa. Critics say numerous reassignments appear to be motivated by politics, sweeping aside those who disagree with the administration on issues such as climate change, wildlife management, and wilderness preservation.

Visitors are reminded to give animals space when they're near trails, boardwalks, parking lots, or in developed areas. Predators like wolves and bears require greater caution and a minimum distance of 100 yards.



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