Tim Cook says 'Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right'


Tim Cook says 'Privacy is a Fundamental Human Right'

But Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi used a variety of euphemisms for it: "We might not realize just how distracted we've become", he said.

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook had previously described Facebook's practices as being an "invasion of privacy" - an opinion Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg subsequently denounced as being "glib", the BBC reported on Monday. However, reports say early beta testers have been able to register faces for more than one user.

You need to turn on Screentime, but if you do your iPhone will begin monitoring your usage, and sharing insights with you.

You can find out much more about iOS 12 in our in-depth guide to all the big new features.

Firefox already has the ability to block out Facebook's attempts to slurp data through buttons on websites.

According to a report by The Indian Express, Apple CEO said: "The things mentioned in the Times article about relationship statuses and all these kinds of stuff, this is so foreign to us, and not data that we have ever received at all or requested", he said.

They have music. But it really isn't important to Apple to collect a lot of data on you so they can target average advertising to you.

One of the ways that companies can use this to track us is through the social share buttons and comment boxes we see dotted around the web. On March, the company grappled with the privacy scandal that was the Cambridge Analytica story which led to an "inappropriate" collection of data of upto 87 million people. The initiative includes reminders to take a break from services like YouTube, tools to help Android users monitor the time they spend inside various apps, and a "wind down" feature that pings you to go to bed at a preset time while reducing blue light and gradually fading your screen to black and white. While Facebook generates revenue from ads targeted with detailed information about users, Apple makes most of its money selling hardware products.

For Apple users anxious about how much time they and their children spend posting photos and videos to their devices, help is on the way. And iOS 12 will also recommend curtailing notifications from apps you don't often use.

"We're empowering people with the facts that will allow them to decide for themselves how they want to cut back", said Cook.



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