Tesla Roadster 'SpaceX' package to get rocket thrusters?


Tesla Roadster 'SpaceX' package to get rocket thrusters?

Here is a great news for Tesla autonomous owners that coming in August - a new software update is coming toTesla's self-driving cars and that update would bring more autonomy to Tesla's Autopilots.

Tesla's vehicles have been involved in several crashes this year and at least two people have died in those crashes. Previous updates to Autopilot were "rightly focused entirely on safety", he said.

Elon Musk has tweeted about the possibility of rocket thrusters for extra boost for the Roadster and knowing what he is capable of, it might turn out to be a reality. Okay, so perhaps Musk's hyperbolic nature is shining through when he's talking about a Tesla flying, but subsequent tweets reveal that the Tesla CEO isn't kidding around when it comes to outfitting a Tesla Roadster with rocket technology. Musk tweeted early Sunday morning about Tesla Version 9.0 including major updates for Autopilot 2.0.

Bold statements. However this isn't the first time that the Tesla CEO says something that inspires incredulity.

On Tesla's website, it describes upcoming features - including the ability for a vehicle to change lanes without driver input, move from one freeway to another, and exit a freeway near the driver's destination - that are not available in Autopilot's current iteration.

General Motors said last week that its driver assistance feature, Super Cruise, will allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel for extended periods, but will stop the vehicle automatically if drivers are not attentive. A Tesla representative told the publication that SpaceX and Tesla "are occasionally able to share ideas that help the other".

Musk has been known to exaggerate and even post jokes in his Twitter feed that are often mis-read as serious comments.

Tesla Roadster customers will have the option to add rockets to their auto to "dramatically" improve acceleration, founder Elon Musk has revealed. Tesla representatives said they are investigating the incident. Musk also runs SpaceX and is the founder of the tunnel digging/public transportation startup The Boring Company. The Tesla Roadster will hit 100mph 2.3 seconds later, and Musk says it'll have a top speed of something like 250 miles per hour.



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