Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date Set for December


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date Set for December

Nintendo has announced that Fortnite is being released for its Switch console to coincide with the opening of the E3 video games show in Los Angeles.

1710: Fortnite is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Do you want to see Waluigi become a fighter in Super Smash Bros. The graphics are better, air dodge mobility has been improved, fighters have more expressions, and one-on-one battles will result in greater damage. Download now for FREE. Also, Nintendo said that the legendary pokemon Mew will come with the Pokeball as a bonus. With a December release date, that gives Nintendo plenty of time before the game hits shelves and more than enough time to knock it out of the park. As you will see in the trailer above, Super Mario Party will explore the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch in creative new ways.

The upcoming mech combat game Daemon X Machina won't launch until 2019, but it looks fantastic. Another indie darling, Killer Queen Black, brings 8-player action and strategy platforming to the Switch this winter.

Nintendo is on top of the world right now with the Nintendo Switch having already sold millions of units worldwide.

Super Mario Party Is the Ultimate Party Game for Nintendo Switch
The gang is back to kick some ass in 'Super Smash Bros.' this December

All of the returning characters will feature both visual and gameplay changes, with, for example, Mario now having Cappy and alternate outfits based on Super Mario Maker and his wedding outfit from Super Mario Odyssey.

8 player matches are also returning, along with GameCube controller support. There was a healthy sample of stages in the demo I played, but not too many noticeable new stages outside of the aforementioned Breath of the Wild stage.

The original Overcooked was a multiplayer party game where players have to frantically manage a cartoon restaurant, in the face of huge numbers of orders being made. And don't worry, it may have been announced by Nintendo, but Team 17 have confirmed it's coming to PC. Take your Arsenal, a fully customizable powered suit, out for an array of missions to surmount the enemy at all costs. The last home console version was Mario Party 10 for the Wii U in 2015.

With the Onion Kingdom in trouble once more thanks to the Onion King reading aloud from the "Necronomnomicon", you'll be drafted in to deal with an army of "doughy but dangerous" undead bread, The Unbread. In case you played the game's demo on Nintendo Switch and liked what you saw, you'll be amazed to find out that another one will be added to the store soon, available on June 14th.



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