Sen. Perdue 'Troubled' By Trump's Halt to Military Exercises With SKorea


Sen. Perdue 'Troubled' By Trump's Halt to Military Exercises With SKorea

President Donald Trump has called Republican senators from Air Force One on the way home from his historic meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

Hayden served as director of the National Security Council during the administration of President George W. Bush and as Central Intelligence Agency chief under President Barack Obama. But it's clear that Kim Jong Un walked away from Singapore with exactly what he wanted - the pomp, circumstance, and prestige of a meeting with the President of the United States - while making no specific commitments in return.

U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met for almost five hours in Singapore during a historic summit to discuss the move toward denuclearization between North Korea and South Korea. He added that North Korea's past regime "was managed in permanent lies".

Trump and Kim met on Tuesday for a historic diplomatic summit.

The US government made the video to help persuade Mr Kim to make a deal, a White House official said.

The annual war games, which the US has always touted as essential to military readiness and alliance-building, will stop "unless and until" negotiations go poorly, Trump said, adding that the exercises are very expensive and "very provocative".

It's an appalling reality, but that's the world we live in so I suppose we need to show gratitude when two leaders are willing to agree not to annihilate each other's populations #ThankyouforNotNukingUs.

When relations between the US and the DPRK thawed slightly between 1990 and 2005, a repatriation agreement allowed 229 sets of remains to come home to American families.

After all the rhetoric and name-calling, Trump and Kim shook hands. "Congress has an important oversight role in this process", Royce said. Today's summit must be followed by multiple meetings to test North Korea's promises of denuclearization, which they have made in the past and then repeatedly violated. Nor did the North Koreans.

"When the South-North relations improve, we will push first for the recovery of remains in the Demilitarized Zone", the 154-mile-long, 2.5-mile-wide area separating the two Koreas, Moon said.



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