Russian Federation calls for implementation of JCPOA on Iran: Putin


Russian Federation calls for implementation of JCPOA on Iran: Putin

Chinese President Xi Jinping, speaking after Rouhani, expressed "regret" that Washington had withdrawn from the nuclear deal.

The bloc has its own tensions lurking below the surface, as China seeks to use the group as a vehicle to promote its "Belt and Road" Initiative, a vast infrastructure-building program that runs through Russia's strategic backyard. Putin said that some nations, including Austria, have offered to host his summit with Trump. "As soon as the USA side is ready, the meeting will take place, depending, of course, on my working schedule".

Departing the White House for a fractious summit with European, Canadian and Japanese leaders, Trump said their 2014 decision to suspend Russian Federation from the group of the world's most advanced economies - after Russian Federation annexed Ukraine's Crimea region - should be reversed.

The meeting with China's president Xi Jinping took place on Sunday on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in the eastern coastal city of Qingdao, and comes at a time when Iran faces reimposition of sanctions by the U.S., which could impact its crude oil exports.

In a statement issued by 6 of the 7 countries at the G-7, they said that together they were a larger economic powerhouse than the United States. The missile system is necessary to fortify India against likely attacks from Pakistan and China.

"Russia should be in this meeting", Trump told reporters before leaving the White House South Lawn for Canada, where the summit is being held. The Kremlin has complained that efforts to organize the meeting seem frozen.

Russian Federation was expelled from the grouping in 2014 after it invaded and annexed Crimea and for its support for pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine.

The Russian dictator can barely hide his glee, and he is moving to fill the opening that the president has created.

Putin came to China on June 8, where his met his counterpart Xi Jingping and later took part in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation SCO summit.

"For the president of the United States to blame his predecessor rather than to understand Russian Federation is our adversary, Russian Federation has taken on behavior that's absolutely reprehensible, including being responsible for shooting a civilian aircraft out of the skies and killing hundreds of people", Rice said.

Addressing the 18th summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) on Sunday in Qingdao, China, President Hassan Rouhani described the United States' move to impose its own policies on others as a growing threat, saying "unilateral sanctions damage the process of legal global business".

Putin said that Washington's decision to exit the agreement could "destabilize the situation" in the region.

"For our part, we will continue to implement our obligations", the Russian president stressed.Iran nuclear deal issue.



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