Rouhani says Iran will not give in to pressure from Trump


Rouhani says Iran will not give in to pressure from Trump

A senior State Department official has told reporters the United States expects companies all over the world to cut their crude oil imports from Iran to zero by November 4 or face USA sanctions.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lambasted on Tuesday US President Donald Trump's withdrawal from a deal with Iran on its nuclear program, and said Iranians will not give in to US pressure but would defend their independence and Islamic values.

Iranians took to the streets Monday following the collapse of the country's currency amid the renewal of USA sanctions over the regime's nuclear program. "And yes, we will certainly be requesting that their oil imports go to zero", said the official.

"We are asking them to make a policy change, and the reason they are willing to do that in my view is due to their relationship with us", the official said, adding that those countries "genuinely understand that the secretary [Mike Pompeo] and the White House are not kidding about this maximum economic pressure campaign [on Iran]".

ISNA and the Mehr news agency also said that the state of confusion and ambiguity in the markets was reinforced by other officials who have spoken about plans for other foreign exchange rates.

This could emerge as a topic of discussion between India and the U.S. during the first 2+2 dialogue on July 6, PTI reported. The Obama administration had instituted a system of granting waivers to these buyers if they were seen to be making "significant" reduction in reviews conducted every 180 days.

Asked about what kind of reaction he has been getting from European allies, who remain part of the Iran nuclear deal, the official said, "I am continually struck by the amount of business that is falling out of Iran". The US has also directed an interagency team of State and Treasury Department officials to visit these countries in the coming days in order to make their plan a success. "Without question." Given their huge energy requirements, India and China are major importers of Iranian oil.

In May, Indian government sources said to news agency PTI that its oil imports from the Islamic Republic won't be affected as long as European countries don't follow suit.

The demonstrations appeared to lessen slightly on Tuesday after protesters forced Tehran's Grand Bazaar to shut down temporarily the day before.

Iran has announced a list of 15 demands for improving relations with the United States, including a US return to the 2015 nuclear accord, in response to a similar list of demands made by Washington last month.

"For the vast majority of countries they are willing to adhere and support our approach to this because they also view" Iran's behavior as a threat, the official added. Iranian exports dropped to about one million to 1.5 million barrels a day during the 2013-'15 period of strong USA and European economic sanctions.

Liberman's tweets added fuel to the fire as rare economic demonstrations in Iran sparked Monday by the collapse of the rial on the foreign exchange market continued for a second day on Tuesday. Reuters was not immediately able to confirm the report.

Iran reached the 2015 agreement, which called for it to curb its nuclear programme in return for the easing of sanctions, with the United States, the UK, France, Germany, China and Russian Federation.



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