Motorola is announcing something 'big' on August 2


Motorola has shared plans to make a "big announcement" at its headquarters in Chicago on August 2. It is speculated that the Motorola One and One Power will be debuting as Android One devices.

As you can see from the photo below, the One and the One Power are nearly identical minus several small touches.

Motorola's likely running under the assumption that most of the world doesn't frequent tech news blogs here in 2018, so it's pretty likely the event will indeed contain the Moto One. Also, considering the difference in names, there's a chance the Motorola One offers a smaller battery than the Motorola One Power. Specifications of the Motorola One Power are mostly known at this point, but the Motorola One remains a mystery.

Right now it's impossible to tell whether there'll be any differences with screen sizes or thickness, when comparing the two devices.

Motorola continues to release affordable smartphones in India, with the Moto E5 expected to be the next device that buyers on a budget would love to set their eyes on. Also, Motorola has promised the latest Android update for the Moto G6 series. If this information is correct, then the Motorola One phone may sport a slimmer chassis as it may feature a lesser-capacity battery.

Excited for something "big" from Moto? So the One Power will be more powerful? We see a wide notch and some chin in front and a dual camera system in a vertical orientation with flash on the rear.

So, it looks like Motorola is bringing back the full "Motorola" branding. The incoming arrival of the Motorola One further suggests the return of the Motorola branding is not a one-time affair.

There is only one variant of the smartphone listed on Amazon, which means that the company could be saving the Moto E5 Play and the Moto E5 Plus for a later date.



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