Mazda Condemns Trump’s Proposed 25 Percent Import Car Tariff


Shortly after Toyota released a statement saying the tariffs will increase the cost of every vehicle sold in the country, Mazda published comments of its own, many of which mimic Toyota's sentiments.

"The penalties we could incur from tariffs and increased costs will be detrimental to the future industrial strength and readiness of manufacturing operations in the United States, and could lead to negative consequences for our company and USA economic security".

General Motors Co. warned the Trump administration Friday that tariffs on vehicle imports would hurt its competitiveness, cost and result in "a smaller GM".

"The overbroad and steep application of import tariffs on our trading partners risks isolating US businesses like GM from the global market that helps to preserve and grow our strength here at home", GM said.

"At some point, this tariff impact will be felt by customers", the company said.

Both of the companies in Alabama's newest auto manufacturing plant project have voiced their opposition to possible tariffs on imported vehicles and auto parts being investigated by the Trump Administration.

Among the US vehicles that GM builds overseas are the Buick Cascada, which is assembled in Poland, and the German-made Buick Regal.

And Toyota Motor North America said the tariffs "would have a negative impact on all manufacturers, increasing the cost of imported vehicles as well as domestically produced vehicles that rely on imported parts" - such as the company's Kentucky-built Camry.

Trump argued that his administration was imposing the tariffs in the interest of US national security, citing rarely used Section 232 laws. It also warned that retaliatory moves by governments in other key markets would hurt its overseas business.

"Today, NFTC joined the USA auto industry in opposing new tariff barriers on autos and auto parts under Section 232 because such action will cause greater harm than good to America's auto industry, which is now the world's most competitive and dynamic producer", Yerxa said. Detroit's "Big Three" and other manufacturers, including BMW and Mercedes-Benz, export vehicles from US factories to overseas markets. Flavio Volpe, the president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, said the tariffs would cause "carmageddon" and see the industry "grind to an immediate halt".

"That's a "$45 billion tax on consumers", the group said, citing an analysis of Commerce Department data.

"America does not go to war in a Ford Fiesta", the group said.

Trump threatened last week to impose a 20 percent tariff on auto imports in an attempt to leverage European Union leaders to seek trade talks with the U.S.



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