IHOP name change revealed; restaurant now called IHOB


IHOP name change revealed; restaurant now called IHOB

On June 11 IHOP finally revealed what the mysterious "b" stood for after they had been teasing the public with hints all week.

In response, the Wendy's Twitter account burned IHOP so hard its burgers will probably be inedible for a while, and Waffle House subtweeted the name change with a passive aggressive quote from Bruce Lee.

But Wendy's didn't buy it, and trolled the pancake-turned-burger house.

For about a week, IHOP has been posting as "IHOb", and asking its fans to guess what the "b" stood for. According to CNN, IHOP is temporarily changing their name in a marketing campaign.

Some are calling it an "epic fail", saying it's the least likely reason to go to a restaurant known for its pancakes.

IHOB officials that we spoke to say the answer to that question is being kept secret.

There's the Classic (with or without bacon), Jalapeno Kick, Cowboy with barbecue, Mushroom and Swiss and Mega-Monster. Speaking with CNN, President of IHOP Darren Rebelez stated, "We are definitely going to be IHOP". They wrote, "We're as serious about pancakes as @IHOb is about burgers", with a link to their menu that's got 16 gourmet burgers - and no pancakes. But the chain of breakfast diners took social media by storm last week with the cryptic announcement that it was flipping the lowercase "p" in its logo and making it a "b".

"I give it a year", said another. "Since we know you're all waiting in anticibation for what the b could be, we've made a decision to give you one more biece of the buzzle", it tweeted June 8.

"Obviously, IHOP-hob wanted to be known for something other than breakfast or the place you pull off the highway to go to the bathroom", he said. Revamping its burger selection could convince customers to visit later in the day and for more than just hash browns and eggs. The name change, though, is meant to help the franchise connect with more people.



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