Boeing Reveals Hypersonic Concept


Boeing Reveals Hypersonic Concept

Boeing caught attention Wednesday for releasing a rendering of its first passenger-carrying hypersonic jet concept. Those flights now take 11 and 7 hours, respectively.

"We do see an opportunity at some point of having an economically viable supersonic or hypersonic capability with the idea that you could travel anywhere in the world in one to two hours", Muilenburg said in an interview.

Supersonic commercial flying was grounded with the Concorde but aircraft manufacturers have been working on concepts of ultra-fast jets over the past few years which may enable us to fly supersonic once again.

On Tuesday, in a conference in Atlanta at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Boeing disclosed and talked about its first concept design for a hypersonic passenger jet.

A passenger jet flying at hypersonic speeds could revolutionize air travel by cutting down a transatlantic flight from NY to London from seven hours to two.

According to Boeing's studies, Mach 5 - five times the speed of sound, or nearly 4,000 miles per hour - is the watershed velocity between civil and most nontransport military operations, Aviation Week reported.

Boeing's chief hypersonic scientist, Kevin Bowcutt, says that the firm is excited to be at the forefront of a travel revolution. "For the business traveler or the military, where time is really important, that's an interesting point".

"Boeing is building upon a foundation of six decades of work designing, developing and flying experimental hypersonic vehicles".

Even before Boeing can get to the logistics though, it will need to develop materials that are lightweight enough to actually allow the jet to reach Mach 5 speeds, which is likely to take years, if not decades. "You can get across the Atlantic in about 2 hours. and across the Pacific in about 3 hours".

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.



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