Apple AirPower Delayed Until September


Apple AirPower Delayed Until September

Earlier today, Bloomberg published an extensive piece diving into why it has taken so long for Apple to release its highly-anticipated AirPower charger.

During the development of the iPhone X, Apple weighed removing the wired charging system entirely.

At Apple's September 2017 product event, the company said AirPower would be released in 2018.

The AirPower is also more advanced compared to the competition since circuit board also features a custom Apple chip that runs a stripped down version of iOS to manage power for each device as well as pair and communicate with the devices. A new report by Bloomberg indicates that a release is still on track for the current year and that it should happen in September. The AirPower mat is supposedly undergoing extensive testing by using it as an everyday charger within Apples offices.

When Apple introduced AirPods earbuds in 2016, chief designer Jony Ive hailed the beginning of a new "wireless future". Unfortunately, the accessory wasn't quite ready with Apple saying it would be offered sometime in 2018 but as we welcome the summer solstice, AirPower still isn't available. There have reportedly been firmware bugs and the overlapping of the kinds of coils needed to support the iPhone and Apple Watch for wireless charging only makes it more complicated. A still unreleased optional charging case for Apple AirPods will also work with the charger.

It's a complex system, and that's before you consider the fact that, as Bloomberg's Mark Gurman points out, charging three very different devices at once likely requires varying nodes of power delivery.

The company's solution is unique because it can charge three devices at a time.

Apple hasn't discussed AirPower publicly since it was first announced last September.

Unlike existing wireless chargers, however, AirPower was to be something different.

In a rare move for Apple, it suggested that users buy charging hubs from Mophie and Belkin, instead of selling its own charging accessories.

Apple's attention to detail is legendary, so I'm not surprised to see this type of delay for a new product. However, wireless charging is still in its nascent stage and nowhere near as fast as wired chargers, so a delay in the AirPower launch may not necessarily affect the company right now.



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