Amazon unveils Fire TV Cube, a streaming box with Alexa for $119


Amazon unveils Fire TV Cube, a streaming box with Alexa for $119

So just like Amazon Echo devices, it offers hands-free access to Alexa and you get all of the features that are now offered by the Amazon Fire TV boxes and dongles. Plus, control your TV, sound bar, cable or satellite box, receiver, and more with just your voice. Getting people to use Alexa keeps them tied to Amazon's services and ultimately buying more from the online retailer.

Amazon isn't the only company looking to replace the remote control with hands-free voice commands. Since its powered by FireOS, you can also install thousands of other apps from the Appstore. The box will be priced at $120 when it launches and pre-orders will begin later today. Equipped with IR Blasters on all four sides, Fire TV Cube can work as a universal remote as well.

It all sounds rather ambitious, but at launch (which is due for June 21st in the U.S. with a United Kingdom release yet to be announced) the functionality will be more limited, restricting Alexa to more modest controls like volume and input selection.

While we're gearing up for Amazon Prime Day, Amazon has already released a Prime Day-caliber deal for its screen-equipped Echo speaker, the Echo Show You'll want to jump on this Echo Show deal as soon as possible as there is no telling how long it will stay at this price.

Previously, only those with an invitation could order the fashion-focused Echo Device. The small 4K Ultra HD streaming box is a smart speaker, like an Echo, that can play music and answer questions, and it can control your TV like like a Fire TV dongle.

Style Check can also show you new items of clothing with handy shopping links that refer you back to, you guessed it, Amazon's online store via the Echo Look app. If you have a pretty basic setup with Fire TV (with voice remote and/or an Echo device) in the same room, the upgrade might not be necessary. The company also says "dozens" more apps will add Alexa support throughout the year.

You can use it to change the channel and also find content on your favorite streaming service, like Netflix and Hulu through Amazon Fire TV.

That's made life hard for premium streaming boxes like the Apple TV, which sells for $150 and up.

These technologies, combined with Alexa, mean that users can control their TV, sound bar, and decoder with voice commands. "We think this is enough of a game-changer that customers are really going to like it".



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