With iOS 11.4, Apple is making it harder to hack your iPhone


With iOS 11.4, Apple is making it harder to hack your iPhone

Apple will make it harder for police and government agencies to unlock iPhones and iPads in the next version of its iOS mobile operating system.

Apple appears to be making a few positive security moves involving apps that track location data, and accessing data from locked iPhones, according to new reports.

Computer forensics company Elcomsoft analysed the new features in Apple's upcoming iOS 11.4, which introduces a USB Restricted Mode feature.

Police and forensics officials in the USA are understood to be using a piece of hardware.

Restricted Mode can not be disabled without a passcode unlock or biometric login, which deactivate it immediately. Already, Apple has been cracking down on the use of lockdown records with updates to iOS 11.

First discovered by the software firm Elcomsoft, this feature will basically lock down the data connection over the lightning port 7 days after the last time your iPhone is unlocked. If the user doesn't unlock their device using Face ID, Touch ID or the passcode after seven days, the Lightning port can no longer be used with a computer or other USB accessories. The feature is called USB Restricted Mode, and it made a previous appearance in an iOS 11.3 beta.

Apple has released the fourth beta build of tvOS 11.4 for testing on the Apple TV before releasing it to the public sometime in the future. GrayKey has raised a lot of concern with some believing that its technology will quickly be cloned and available for non-law enforcement entities.

Apple is gearing up to unveil the iOS 12 in June at its WWDC event, but iPad users should be more excited about the next year's iOS 13 rather than iOS 12.

"After the seven days elapse, the Lightning port will be disabled". While law enforcement officials can still exploit devices within seven days of collection, but if they are left in evidence for longer getting into the devices can be hard. Even if their techniques still work with iOS 11.4, successfully unlocking a device will be a race against time now.



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