Willow Smith Learns About Sex By Seeing Will And Jada Doing It


Willow Smith Learns About Sex By Seeing Will And Jada Doing It

"I called back and happened to say, "B***h, you livin" in the house I picked out", Sheree recalled. "You really did. And I saw a woman who was doing the very best she could". I was like, "Lord have mercy, what did you see? Thank God I have some therapy fund put aside for you.' It wasn't amusing in the moment", Jada added, before explaining that Willow didn't see anything explicit.

Union said she and Smith discussed their "feud" when she stopped by the latter's new Facebook talk show, "Red Table Talk", and decided that setting aside their pride allowed them to merge their platforms and create even more change.

"Jada nor I ever used the word feud, so it just became more of a media creation", Union, 45, revealed on the "Today" show on Monday.

Ahead of the premiere of Red Table Talk, Jada has also returned to Instagram.

"There were times where I was like, 'I am so unworthy of love". "I didn't give Trey what I wanted for him".

"I want you to know that Will Smith let me have it", Jada admits.

The Breaking In star said despite their husbands being friends and sharing some of the same political views the two never sat down and spoke about what they were being told. Tiffany Haddish, Will Smith's first wife, Sheree Zampino, Will Smith, and Gabrielle Union are just some of the slated guests.

"I didn't tell him on goal because I think it'll be so amusing. He's gonna be like, 'What?!' He's gonna call me and be like, What the hell is going on over there?!" she laughed. "She has such a great sense of humor, and I didn't know that".

"When I was sitting at the table with Sheree and I watched that interview I had such a healing moment". When we get to the red table, you hear about the stuff that didn't go so well!

"That's how it should be, though", her mother nodded.



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