Whitney Houston Abuse Allegations Detailed in Documentary at Cannes


Whitney Houston Abuse Allegations Detailed in Documentary at Cannes

"Whitney" is set to hit theaters on July 6. It's clear in the short trailer that the pop star's rise to stardom was anything but easy.

However, Whitney never told mom Cissy Houston about her painful childhood trauma. Some of the people who sat down for interviews include Houston's ex-husband Bobby Brown, Arista Records founder Clive Davis (who discovered her), and Kevin Costner with whom she co-starred in The Bodyguard. Cissy Houston would tour often, and leave her kids with family members or friends.

Dee Dee Warwick was a member of the girl group the Drinkard Singers.

According to her family, Houston was abused by Dee Dee Warwick.

He said it was also an unusual experience working with the family, and described it as "a very unacrimonious and pleasant collaboration" - although Brown, he told The Hollywood Reporter, was "not ready to tell the truth". It's a different thing when you become a mother. The alleged incidents of abuse took place while her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston was touring.

New allegations that Whitney Houston's much older cousin Dee Dee Warwick sexually abused her as a child have cast new light on the late singer's troubled life. Dee Dee Warwick later was a backup signer for Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley.

Warwick, sister of Dionne Warwick, died in 2008 and was never publicly accused of sexual abuse.

Whitney Houston is one of the biggest selling artists of all time around the world, with global sales well in excess of 200 million records. It's clear the singer had never dealt with the subject properly. But it wasn't by a man-it was a woman.'... "She had tears in her eyes".

"She used to say, 'I wonder if I did something to make her think I wanted her, '" said Jones.

"I said, 'Have you ever told your mother?'" Jones asked. "It was lift the burden off you"'.

"She talks about what Whitney felt and what effect it had on her. Bobby was jealous", an unidentified voice says. Ultimately, Robyn left Whitney's side. "It was kind of a detective story to get that piece of information, which changed how I felt about Whitney and how I felt about the story". But there was a darker side to the success, as her career gave way to erratic behavior, scandals and eventually her death in 2012 at age 48.

Based upon the trailer, it appears Whitney is training its aim at Houston's turbulent relationships and longtime drug habit. It seems the interviewee's in the film see her stepping down for him as a reason as well. Check out the Whitney trailer below! She also claims it played a role in her drug problems later on in life. And you get people contradicting each other, and you think, 'Why? "Were they in love?" "If Cissy had known, she would have done something about it, because Cissy loves her children". There was something about her discomfort in her own skin, something about the way she presents or hides herself, her lack of overt sexuality. A scene of her meeting Nelson Mandela is shown.



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