Seven Dead in What Could Be Australia's Worst Mass Shooting in Decades


Seven Dead in What Could Be Australia's Worst Mass Shooting in Decades

Seven people were found dead in a suspected murder-suicide near Margaret River in Western Australia on Friday.

This is Australia's worst mass shooting since a massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania, claimed the lives of 35 people in 1996. Also, police do not conduct searches of the suspects, because there is a suspicion that the killer was one of those killed was a suicide. Two adults were found outside and the other five were discovered inside the converted shed.

"This devastating tragedy will no doubt have a lasting impact on the families concerned, the whole community and, in particular, the local communities in our southwest", he added.

Police continued to search through the property on Saturday, in a painstaking forensic investigation that is expected to continue into next week.

Katrina's four children are aged between eight and 13 according to local reports and they were found at a house which belongs to their grandmother Cynda Miles and her husband Peter.

"This is a strong, connected community and I know that we'll all support each other and we'll get through this together", she said.

Another local woman who was a friend of both Katrina Miles and Cynda Miles, who did not want to be named, described Katrina as a dedicated and lovely mother to her equally lovely children.

"The hairs on my arms where standing up all day yesterday, it really grabbed me because of the kids involved", he said.

Mr Dawson told reporters in Perth he was unable to confirm this but said some of the bodies had gunshot wounds. "I have extensive handyman abilities and experience with a wide variety of farm equipment, can fix fences, and tidy up the property from storm damage", he said.

Cynda Miles, 58, and her family were said to have been active members of their tiny rural community of Osmington, which is about 20km from Margaret River, a popular tourist and wine-growing area.

So police are expected to remain at that property in Margaret River, in the small town of Osmington which is about 15 kilometres from the Margaret River town site today as well. Police won't reveal what was said but say that call lasted less than two minutes.

He said homicide detectives were helping police.

The case is particularly unusual given Australia's strict gun laws, which are often pointed to as examples for other countries struggling to prevent mass shootings.

Seven people were killed in a shooting in Western Australia on Friday.

"Community centres have opened their doors to provide support", he said.



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