North Korea To Dismantle Its Nuclear Test Site


North Korea To Dismantle Its Nuclear Test Site

On Sunday, the South's presidential spokesman Kim Eui-kyeom welcomed the announcement as an expression of the North's intention to carry out its agreement, reached during last month's inter-Korean summit, "not through words but through action". He said on April 20 that his nation already had "completed its mission" to test its weapons capability.

According to the decision of the leadership of North Korea, only journalists from selected countries will be allowed to cover the events related to the liquidation of the landfill.

North Korean state news agency, KCNA reported today that Pyongyang is taking "technical measures" to dismantle its nuclear sites between May 23 and 25, depending on weather conditions. The dismantling will involve collapsing all tunnels with explosions and blocking their entrances.

Above ground North Korea will block all entries to the site, and remove all guard posts, observation sites and research institutes, the report said. The guards and researchers will be withdrawn, and the area surrounding the site will be closed.

Located in mountainous terrain in the northeast of the country, Punggye-ri is less than 100 miles (160 kilometers) from China.

They will sleep and eat on board the train, but a press centre will be set up so they can "transmit ... about dismantlement of the test ground which they have covered on the spot".

Dialogue brokered by Seoul has seen US-North Korea relations go from trading personal insults and threats of war past year to a summit between Kim and President Donald Trump due in Singapore on June 12.

Friday's statement from the UN's International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) followed a visit by its representatives to the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, earlier this week.

All of North Korea's six known nuclear bomb tests have taken place at Punggye-ri, in the northeastern of North Korea where a system of tunnels have been dug under Mount Mantap. However, in spite of its pledge to stop testing, North Korea has given no indication it is willing to go beyond statements of broad conceptual support for denuclearization by unilaterally abandoning a nuclear weapons program its ruling family has seen as crucial to its survival. Two of the North Korean missiles passed over the Japanese island of Hokkaido. The men, who Trump had described as hostages, were handed over to newly confirmed secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, on his second trip to the North Korean capital to prepare for the summit.

So Donald Trump mars the good news of freeing three American prisoners in North Korea by trashing President Obama for failing to do so, even though two of them were detained after Trump himself had become pr*sident, and by ignoring the fact Obama had gotten 11 prisoners held by North Korea released during the time he was in office.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo promised on Friday that the USA would work to rebuild North Korea's sanctions-crippled economy if it agreed to surrender its nuclear arsenal.

-North Korea summit in Singapore.

Kim is also scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump next month.

It will be the first meeting ever between a sitting United States president and the leader of North Korea.

But that deal, reached during the so-called six-party talks, eventually collapsed after Pyongyang refused to accept US -proposed verification methods. "I really think he (Kim) wants to do something to bring that country back into the real world".



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