Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo Rue Poor Qualifying


Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo Rue Poor Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton headed Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen in a difficult-to-read second practice at the Spanish Grand Prix.

F1 next heads to Monaco in two weeks' time and Horner hopes Red Bull can take advantage of the famous Monte Carlo street circuit's twists and turns to be in the hunt for pole and victory. From turn seven until turn 10 is also straight now, because turn nine is flat, so it's all a bit more painful for us and, especially in Q3 when they (Mercedes and Ferrari) also add this extra power for that session and it all gets a bit harder.

The broadcast didn't initially pick up the incident during the race, but video emerged after Red Bull team boss Christian Horner revealed his star's indiscretion.

Ricciardo said he struggled with his vehicle despite recording the fastest lap of the race by over six tenths of a second in the closing stages.

The Austrian marquee usually finds its feet after some in-season development.

This explains why Ricciardo was frustrated as he expected to be higher in the pecking order.

"Friday paints one picture but you are never really sure about what is going to happen", said Ricciardo. Remember that stern talking to - complete with finger-wagging - you received; the one that went "don't touch this" and "don't do that" because she'd know, and "woe betide you" if you disobeyed?

"I think we both put in a strong performance on the supers [in Q3]", he continued. Speaking after qualifying, he said: "I still don't know what the faster tyre is to be honest".

As for Ricciardo, the Aussie said: "The first thing I said afterwards was that I still want to race". "I chose the supersoft, Daniel went on the soft. It wasn't the preferred tyre, that is why I went for the Soft tyre at the end of Q3".

"We just don't have that power mode for Q3", Max Verstappen bemoaned.

"I don't think many people will choose the supersoft".

"So a lot of people will be choosing the Soft and the Medium". With corners in it, it's even harder for us, because we lose even more speed because of the friction from the tires so the engine can't - we just lose more top speed. "Look, we've attacked before and kept it clean, so we just need to do that".

"Add together with my final lap I couldn't continue".



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