Lords aim to take no-deal threat away


Lords aim to take no-deal threat away

Brexit Minister Lord Callanan said: "We are disappointed that the House of Lords has voted for this amendment in spite of the assurances we have provided".

The House of Commons, he said, was "not a negotiating body, it has never taken that role, I don't believe it wants that role and I don't believe it should have that role.it would immeasurably weaken the government's negotiating position with the European Union and would I believe make our government and our country a laughing stock".

"Or to determine that we leave the European Union without terms, that is to crash out, or to determine that we stay in the European Union on the existing terms".

Theresa May suffered another major defeat on Brexit as House of Lords voted to give the British parliament a say over the terms of a future UK-EU deal. "It is simply not right that Parliament could overturn this".

A Green Party peer has hit out at the "agenda" of members of the House of Lords pushing for an amendment that will allow parliament to have a say in the final Brexit deal.

Speaking specifically about the amendment, he said: "At best it undermines the government's ability to reach a good deal with the EU".

The amendment is being backed by Labour and has significant support from Tory peers. It would let the Commons decide what happens next if MPs reject the final deal - potentially sending the prime minister back to the negotiating table.

The amendment, known as Clause 49, proposes that Parliament can determine the Government's course of action if the Commons rejects.

"We will now consider the implications of the House of Lords" decision'.

It could open the way for parliament to back staying in the EU's customs union and single market -something now ruled out by the prime minister.

'We welcome the government's willingness to make concessions along the way but, as the first three days of Report have illustrated, we won't be shy in giving MPs a further chance to scrutinise the detail of the Bill'.

Lord Newby, the Liberal Democrat leader in the Lords, said the government's defeat on the issue "puts parliament in the driving seat".

'It asks for meaningless votes on the deal before the deal is done.

At one point hereditary peer Lord Fairfax of Cameron even accused the proponents of the amendment of being "a fifth column for Brussels", a reference to traitors who collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War. Labour are using it to frustrate Brexit'.

An amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill giving MPs the power to stop the United Kingdom from leaving without a deal or to make Theresa May return to negotiations was approved by 335 votes to 244. "To act in such a manner would be to impose ministerial decisions on parliament by coercion", he said, calling it "an elective dictatorship of a particularly flagrant kind". This is a massive defeat for the Government'.

'They are trying to stop the largest ever public vote in our history, ' he said.



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