Iran will not renegotiate nuclear deal, asserts foreign minister


Iran will not renegotiate nuclear deal, asserts foreign minister

He also condemned Iran for violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The information revealed by Netanyahu highlights yet another foreign policy failure of the Obama administration. Many Iranians have been buying hard foreign currency to hedge against the possible future collapse of the nuclear deal, the return of sanctions and a fresh currency crash.

Iran lied about the 2015 nuclear deal and has been lying about its nuclear program, and that is very unsafe. "Iran accepts the nuclear agreement as it has been prepared and will not accept adding or removing anything", he said. "The files prove that". "From the outside, this was an innocent looking compound", Netanyahu explained.

For the United States, the aim of the deal was to safeguard national security interests and to curb the Iran threat. Trump could refuse to renew the waivers but give new U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo time to negotiate more with the Europeans, exploiting the deal's dispute resolution mechanism.

"I was behind it so I know for sure there is no connection", he said.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned on Thursday against scrapping an global deal on Iran's nuclear programme unless there was a good alternative in place. "That's not acceptable. [2025] is tomorrow", Trump said at an April 30 press conference.

It is obvious that the right way to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons is vital, and requires immediate action.

What Does This Mean for the Iran Deal?

Following the joint US-British-French attack on Syria last month, opposition is hardening in Tehran against any form of negotiation with the West over Iran's ballistic missile program. Dismantling the Iran agreement was one of the promises on which Trump campaigned. He tweeted after Netanyahu's presentation, "All the agreement is based on the assumption that they may lie!"

"There is literally nothing new here", said Jeffrey Lewis, an arms control expert. They argue that Iran has been abiding by its terms, a position also taken by US intelligence assessments.

However, there is one problem.

In exchange, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities. They insisted that they were only trying to harness nuclear energy to power their cities.

Analysis by BBC Persian of figures from the Central Bank of Iran shows that household budgets (the value of all the goods and services used by a household) have fallen in real terms from $14,800 in 2007-08 to $12,515 in 2016-17. This would further force Mr. Trump to draw out from the nuclear agreement as reported by Mr. Vaez. However, these documents indicate that the rogue nation ultimately wants to become a nuclear power.

The law was not written with the current skirmishes with Iran in mind, according to one of the architects of the reform, and applies to any prime minister and defense minister, not just the current ones.

Mr Trump has warned that unless European allies rectify the "terrible flaws" in the worldwide accord by May 12, he will refuse to extend USA sanctions relief for the oil-producing Islamic Republic.

Q: What would the impact be if the president declined to recertify the deal?

To withdraw from the nuclear deal, Trump does not need to get consent from 67 senators because the deal was not ratified as a treaty. "They must have manufactured pieces of equipment in Iran", Heinonen said. "Trump could be about to make exactly the same mistake with Rouhani".



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