Grimes and Elon Musk Debut as a Couple at the Met Gala


Grimes and Elon Musk Debut as a Couple at the Met Gala

A source explained that Musk planned on making a Twitter a joke only to discover that Grimes had already made it. Actually, Musk has never been shy to make his admiration for Grimes, real name Clair Boucher, public.

Musk got in touch with Grimes through a mutual contact. The successful businessman is reportedly dating musician Grimes, 30, after the two connected online around a month ago, according to a source who spoke with Page Six.

The publication reports that the pair met online after striking up a connection over a nerdy joke.

The joke in question surrounded artificial intelligence and a thought experiment called Roko's Basilisk, which poses a hypothesis where a future world is ruled over by A.I. masters who punish those who don't help further its existence.

The billionaire CEO has made no secret of being a Grimes fan in the past, having previously tweeted her Venus Fly video featuring Janelle Monáe, saying it was the "best music video art I've seen in a while".

Grimes proved she was in a similar mental state two years ago when she created a character named "Rococo Basilisk" for her music video of the song "Flesh Without Blood". "Grimes said this was the first time in three years that anyone understood the joke".

Oh, and when they arrived on the Met's red carpet, both Musk and Grimes appeared to have adorned their outfits with Tesla swag.

Musk, 43 had also tweeted his approval of her Spotify playlist "Go flex & Psycho". "Sounds great riding my cyborg", he wrote back.

But Amber Heard refused to be red-faced on Monday night, as she slipped into a second claret dress and slicked on a strong scarlet lipstick before heading to the Met Gala afterparties.

The Canadian's fourth album, Art Angels, also received critical acclaim. She recently revealed she has clashed with her label 4AD, saying "There's some srsly f-ked up and insane s-t going behind the scenes in my career", but that she will be releasing another album with 4AD, followed by independent music.



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