Google launches auto-complete sentences in Gmail


Google launches auto-complete sentences in Gmail

It's a step beyond the Smart Reply feature the company introduced previous year.

Smart Compose will essentially be similar to predictive text as you type, suggesting words and even relevant contextual phrases, explains Google. Gmail with Smart Compose evolves as you email messages, learning from what you do, giving you suggestions based on what it's learned. If you see something you might want to type out, just hit tab and it'll pop into the email body.

The tool is an extension of Google's existing Smart Replies, which makes three suggestions for users to start their emails.

Smart Compose won't be tailored to your writing style, at least for now, and with a rather limited scope of suggestions, it managed to save only a teensy bit of time, if any.

Gmail is one of those programs that got a couple of improvements but just on iOS. It also reduces the chance of spelling and grammatical errors in your mail.

Smart Compose takes this a few steps further.

Security Bank describes 2016 as "a very bad year for email, in particular for the public perception of the safety of email as a communication mechanism", referencing "some very, very high-profile leaked emails that had serious global consequences". You can access that by ticking the attachment button and scrolling all the way down. But you need to be using the new Gmail interface that rolled out last month.

Starting Tuesday, May 8, Google is officially rolling out a new update to its Gmail application specifically for iOS. Going to the general tab in your settings reveals a new "experimental access" section.



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