Erdogan - Abbas phone chat over U.S. embassy relocation and violence


Erdogan - Abbas phone chat over U.S. embassy relocation and violence

The Palestinian protests will be continued on Tuesday, too as the culmination of the "Nakba" commemoration is near.

More than 50 Palestinians were martyred by Israeli army gunfire and thousands more were injured during anti-occupation rallies Monday along the Gaza Strip's eastern border, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry.

"The establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is the only way for lasting peace and stability", he said. Israel is a terrorist state.

"What Israel is doing is a genocide, and it is not doing this genocide for the first time today".

The politician called Israel "a terrorist state" and noted that Turkey would continue supporting Palestine.

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday the United States had forfeited its role as a mediator in the Middle East by moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem.

"We curse the massacre carried out by Israeli security forces, encouraged by this step, on the Palestinians participating in peaceful demonstrations", its statement said.

The Turkish president added that a "big rally" would be held in Istanbul on Friday over the violence in Gaza.

"We will not allow today to be the day Muslim world loses Jerusalem", he said.

"I also condemn those who remain quiet against this [tragedy]", he said, referring to countries that have shown no reaction to the mass killings in Gaza.

Violent clashes erupted along Gaza's border as the U.S. opened its Israel embassy in Jerusalem in a ceremony attended by a White House delegation and Israeli officials.



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