Bethesda Studios Just Announced A New 'Fallout' Game


Bethesda Studios Just Announced A New 'Fallout' Game

Today, those patient fans were rewarded with a rather cryptic, gameplay-free trailer for Fallout 76, the next game from Bethesda Game Studios.

Although no platforms were announced, we can presume an Xbox One, PS4 and PC version of this game will be on the way.

Enjoy the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more! Though the trailer was a satisfying teaser for what's the come, there's still a lot we want to know-so here's a more detailed breakdown of what Fallout 76 is all about, and we want to see at E3 2018.

Despite this difference in decade, and in genre, the song used in the Fallout 76 trailer still ignites that old flame in our heart for spelunking through the wasteland.

Not yet, although with E3 almost here expect that to change soon. While we assume Fallout 76 is a new role-playing experience, Bethesda is yet to even confirm a genre - let alone its launch window. As this is nearly certainly not a main series Fallout game I suspect probably see something smaller in scale, fairly complete and ready to play. However, others think the announcement might concern a New Vegas-style sequel to Fallout 4.

Many have concluded that this could be a Fallout MMO, with Bethesda following in the footsteps of its The Elder Scrolls Online by producing Fallout Online. Well, this isn't the first time we've heard about Vault 76. The tweeter, Nibel, also has a good track record for leaks and rumours.

What was Vault 76 and why was it special?


Vault 76 was briefly mentioned in "Fallout 3" and "Fallout 4", according to the Fallout Wikia.

In Fallout, vaults are subterranean shelters-slash-nefarious social experiments created by the fictional company Vault-Tec.

The vault has been well taken care of with a working vault television to boot letting the residents of Vault 76 know that when the fallout has settled, they will need to rebuild society. On the other hand, the Fallout series has never steered me wrong before, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't curious to see how this thing works.

What is Reclamation Day in Fallout 76?



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