Almost 300000 developers now use Microsoft's Azure Bot Service


Almost 300000 developers now use Microsoft's Azure Bot Service

This week's Microsoft Build conference brings together developers who build tools and applications on top of Microsoft's technology.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will speak Monday to more than 6,000 people, mostly developers who build apps for Microsoft's products. The service can identify issues through visual imagery, making it possible for drone photography or images from industrial equipment to be analyzed on the edge for quick response to critical issues.

Azure IoT Edge is Microsoft's cloud service that is created to give users insights from the rapidly growing amount of data collected by simple sensors and computers situated at the edge of networks - without having to send that data for central processing.

Microsoft introduced a set of technology experiences that addresses a more mobile workforce, including streamlining mobile Windows experiences across a variety of devices and platforms, as well as better blending web and app experiences.

Instead, it's created to integrate with the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service. With the newly released preview of Office 2019, Microsoft might also give some details regarding a few important features of the software at its Build Conference. Moreover, Microsoft will also live stream the Day 1 and Day 2 speeches from the event at Channel 9 Website.

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They've also announced that Custom Vision will run on Azure IoT edge, bringing the Azure Cognitive Service for vision to the edge, so that devices on the edge will be able to use vision to make decisions and take action without a cloud connection. There will be also be support for deeper SharePoint integration in Teams and the ability to view Power BI Visualizations in Excel.

Alongside Timeline for the Microsoft Launcher is the new "Your Phone" feature, which lets you respond to your phone's text messages and share photos from your computer.

Microsoft is targeting makers of in-car and/or in-home assistants, smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices with a new Speech Devices software development kit (SDK) that is aimed at providing audio processing from multi-channel sources for more accurate speech recognition, far-field voice, noise cancellation and more.

This will also be coming in a more limited form to iOS if you use Microsoft Edge on iOS, which I would assume is a pretty small percentage of iOS users.



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