Woman's DNA test results reveal shocking truth about father


Woman's DNA test results reveal shocking truth about father

Rowlette was convinced that the Ancestry.com test was an error, and mentioned this to Ashby, who after examining the results on her own was "devastated" to see Dr. Mortimer's name.

That was the case for Washington state's Kelli Rowlette (née Fowler), who took a DNA test with the popular site Ancestry.com back in July 2017.

The now-retired obstetrician was accused of medical negligence, breach of contract and fraud, among other things, in the lawsuit. She later found out that the "unknown man" was actually her parent's fertility doctor.

However, Ashby got in touch with the now-divorced father Howard Fowler, as they both knew the truth: Mortimer was the OB/GYN who helped the struggling, aspiring parents conceive with what was supposed to be an anonymous sperm donor when the couple lived in Idaho. Though the couple laid out specifications for their donor (a college student over six feet with brown hair and blue eyes), Mortimer allegedly spent three months inseminating Sally Ashby with his own sperm sample instead.

"Dr. Mortimer cried when Ms. Ashby informed him they were moving", the lawsuit continued.

She said she was "horrified and contacted her parents in a panic".

Mortimer and the Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates of Idaho Falls are the only parties involved who have yet to publicly address the lawsuit recently against them.

According to the Daily Beast, Rowlette is suing Mortimer after finding out the now retired doctor used his own sperm to impregnate her mother.

Mortimer's suggestion to the hopeful couple was a procedure that inseminated a mix containing 85 percent of Fowler's semen with 15 percent from a donor.

In 1980, Ashby and Fowler made a decision to resort to artificial insemination, using a combination of Fowler's sperm and that of an unknown person who supposedly matched their requested traits.

In August 1980, Ashby found out she was pregnant and gave birth to Rowlette on May 20, 1981.

It wasn't until Rowlette was helping clean up her father's house that she finally discovered her parents' connection to Mortimer.

The parents say had they known the doctor was going to use his own semen, they would not have consented to the procedure.

A version of this story originally appeared on New York Post.



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