Watch out! Goose attacks high school golfer in MI


Watch out! Goose attacks high school golfer in MI

As many golfers know, geese can tend to be a bit prickly.

Blissfield Athletics said on Twitter that the golfer was OK, but "his pride was hurt".

According to Blissfield Athletics, the golfers just finished teeing off and were walking down the fairway. "I was laughing quite hard after the attack was over. He was keeping an eye on another goose at the time", Blissfield wrote back. Photos show the 16-year-old sophomore running away from the goose before he fell and his bag tumbled with him. Another Twitter user then inquired, "Don't get the third pic".

After cowering on the grass as the goose pecked at him from above, Isaac got up and tried to run away but tripped and upended himself in spectacular fashion.

The goose, judging by the photos, proceeded to attack one unlucky golfer.

Someone else joked about how the golfer was likely not in any real danger, saying, "Hilarious".

The birds were near extinction at one point, the state agency said, but their populations have boomed across the continent because of wildlife management programs and the Canada geese's adaptability.

Sometimes, you go out golfing ready to tee off.

Isaac Couling, who was competing against Blissfield for Concord High School, was identified as the victim in the attack by The Detroit News.



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