Waffle Home gunman's troubles started years earlier than assault


Waffle Home gunman's troubles started years earlier than assault

Shaw not only took the weapon from the suspect, identified as Travis Reinking, he then began a GoFundMe account to raise money for the victims. The records did not give a reason why General Sessions Judge Michael Mondelli revoked the bond.

Reinking, who is due back in court Wednesday, had his $2 million bail revoked.


Since the shooting that left four people dead, Shaw set up a GoFundMe for the victims' families.

A tip from the community led to Travis Reinking's arrest shortly after 1 p.m.in a wooded area near his Nashville apartment, Metro Nashville Police said. After the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Secret Service coordinated with local police in IL, where Reinking was living at the time, the Tazewell County Police Department confiscated Reinking's four guns and some ammo.

The search warrant says they took a Remington hunting rifle, 2 scopes, more than a thousand rounds of ammunition, various computers and 3 routers.

An attorney listed as Reinking's lawyer did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

"When I saw my window of opportunity I just took it", Shaw told Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning, adding that he initially started the fundraiser for the families of the victims who were lost in the shooting but "plans on helping out the ones who are still in the hospital", he said.

"This was the true test of a man", the father of one said, wiping away a tear as several supporters, including his parents, siblings and minister, looked on.

Reinking's grandmother, Marilyn Hopper, said her grandson "was a sick boy" and she was devastated by news of the attack. At the FBI's request, Reinking's IL firearms authorization was revoked, and four weapons - including the AR-15-style rifle used in Sunday's shooting - were seized. In the affidavit filed in court, officials said the serial number on the AR-15 - which remained at the Waffle House after the shooting - revealed it was a gun that had been linked to him.

Travis Reinking, the man alleged to have shot up a Waffle House and snuffed out the lives of four innocent souls, thankfully is in custody.

The man fled the scene of the crime and Shaw, whose arm had been grazed by a bullet, stayed behind with the other wounded patrons. The BMW theft had not initially been tied to Reinking.

Police captured suspected gunman Travis Reinking on Monday after a manhunt that lasted more than 24 hours. He was arrested by the Secret Service last July for trying to enter a restricted area near the White House, apparently seeking a meeting with the President.

He reportedly said he was a "sovereign citizen" and had a right to inspect the grounds.

Reinking was not armed at the time, but at the FBI's request, IL police revoked his state firearms card. The weapons were seized by authorities in 2017 but returned to the father with the understanding that he would keep them away from his son.

According to local news reports, Susan Niland, a spokeswoman with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, said even though Reinking was forbidden from having guns in IL, it didn't mean he couldn't have them in Tennessee.



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