UCL: Liverpool charged by UEFA for pre-match disturbance against City


Manchester City assistant coach Manel Estiarte posted footage of Liverpool fans damaging the team bus on its way to Anfield on Wednesday night.

"I think in this room there is nobody except the guy who is talking to you who believes that we're going to go through", Pep Guardiola told journalists.

The fact that gegenpressing loses its edge against teams who lie deep is not inconsequential for this decision. As the gap between the top and bottom creeps further apart within the Premier League, it is becoming increasingly likely for teams to adopt Burnley's approach especially when playing against the top six.

"The two games we've had at Anfield, the 4-3 and this one, that's what we've done best - put them under pressure - and they couldn't really cope with it on both occasions". The result is so tough, you can not deny it. Real Madrid team bus was attacked in Barcelona (2010).

"But we have 90 minutes all of us - Sevilla, Juventus, Roma and us".

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When speaking of gegenpressing, it is important to realise that we are not simply talking about pressing: putting the player in possession of the ball under pressure.

"Milner, Henderson, Oxlade-Chamberlain gave them that foundation to go on and win the game".

"This applies to matters involving first-team travel plans also". Did we arrive here a little bit scared? "We need to focus on Saturday and then we will try everything in our power to get a result against Liverpool", De Bruyne said.

However, City have scored 88 goals in their 31 league matches this season and are more than capable of scoring three unanswered goals and Liverpool would be foolish to write them off. "Here at Anfield, it is always complicated".

"It's not decided...it's better than 1-0 and it's better than 3-1 and it's much better than 3-2 but it's nothing else- it's half time in the competition..."

"I don't feel we are already through".



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