Twitterati advocate sensitivity on World Autism Awareness Day


Twitterati advocate sensitivity on World Autism Awareness Day

In fact, it did the opposite. Qatar Airways continues its successful collaboration with Hamad Medical Cooperation (HMC) for the second consecutive year by hosting a program of activities throughout the month created to raise awareness of the autism spectrum disorder.

She said that the study is a precursor to a larger one, which will have a sample size of around 200.

"As people research more about autism, we start to lose the stereotypes". Every year, parents, along with social workers organise various programmes to make people aware of autism. Avery can speak very few words, eats a particular diet and enjoys sorting, organizing and colour co-ordinating everything from toys to Smarties.

"Any of the senses may be over, or under sensitive, or both, at different times".

"Given the significance of the Qutub Minar in the national capital and in the country, having it lit up in blue is an important move in showcasing India's support for the national and global autism community", the organisers said. "No one tells you where to go, what you should do".

"I wish people could be more inclusive with autism". No amount of faulty parenting can possibly lead to seizures and it doesn't cause autism.

Because some people with autism may struggle with social situations, have communication challenges, and have difficulty with flexibility, there's the misconception that they will not be able to attend higher education, have a job, or get married and have kids.

For some children, realizing their potential might mean a little extra help in the classroom or special tools to support communication in the world around them.

She also said, an autism centre was established at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in 2010, which is now dubbed as Institute of Pediatric Neurology and Autism (IPNA).

In her blue dress and blue shoes, 18-year-old Stephanie Slagle celebrates World Autism Day by displaying her talents.

Shuchona's work is geared towards creating a productive and meaningful life for persons with any disabilities as included - not just integrated - members of society. After understanding the needs of autistic children, Al Jisr Foundation will select projects that they will adopt to assist in finding a valuable solution for the matter.

The stereotypes don't stop there. One particular policy piece Cooper-Puckett said she's especially proud of is House Bill 218, which would improve the state's autism insurance mandate.

"Really know someone with autism".

Though ASD is a non-preventable mental health issue, it is important to know that through therapies like art therapy, applied behaviour analysis therapy, play therapy, behavioural improvements / management is possible, said Dr Nethra Balasubramaniam, counselling psychologist, Fortis Malar Hospital.

"We are the type of family that shoots for the moon in everything we do, including my own son's journey", said Emde.



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