Trump wants military to secure border with Mexico


Trump wants military to secure border with Mexico

President Donald on Sunday said on Twitter that there will not be a deal on legalizing the status on young adult immigrants known as Dreamers, declaring that the US-Mexico border is becoming more unsafe. "They must stop them at their Northern Border, which they can do because their border laws work, not allow them to pass through into our country, which has no effective border laws...." he tweeted.

The National Guard, part of the US military's reserve forces, has been used in recent years for surveillance and intelligence on the border, but not direct law enforcement.

Though the Bush and Obama administrations both deployed the National Guard to perform reconnaissance for Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Trump's plan may involve the use of the military for actual arrests and detention operations. They began as short processions of migrants, some dressed in biblical garb and carrying crosses, as an Easter-season protest against attacks against Central Americans as they cross Mexico.

Earlier Tuesday, Mexican Foreign Affairs Secretary Luis Videgaray Caso had tweeted the caravan was "dispersing" on its own and that Mexico's immigration policies would not be influenced by foreign threats.

Trump made his announcement on the pretext of stopping a caravan of immigrants escaping Central American poverty and violence, tweeting that the group of roughly 1,000 refugees "had better be stopped before it gets here".

The congressional letter requests that documents be provided to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee by April 12, detailing all communications between the fund, the White House, Office of Government Ethics, the Trump campaign, the Federal Election Commission and Wiley Rein LLC, along with any ethical concerns that may have been raised in those communications.

Trump tweeted that the US must build a border wall, but argued that "Democrats want No Borders, hence drugs and crime!"

Those troops supported the U.S. Border Patrol but did not engage in law enforcement for legal reasons. "We have a meeting on it in a little while with General Mattis and everybody, and I think that it's something we have to do", Trump told reporters at a joint news conference with leaders of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Mr. Trump announced a year ago that he was ending the program that protects young "Dreamer" immigrants, but the Department of Homeland Security is continuing to issue renewals because of a court order.

Sending troops to the border would not be unprecedented.

There is already a border guard specifically charged with this work, although in past or presidents have taken National Guard- reserve army-to reinforce control at times.

"We have immigration laws that are laughed at by everybody", he said.

President Donald Trump is calling for new border wall and immigration legislation, tweeting that moving to the "nuclear option" in the Senate is only way to muscle such a measure through Congress. Trump ended the program previous year, but gave Congress six months to pass legislation enshrining it.

Mr Trump has been fixated on the issue since he grudgingly signed a spending bill last month that includes far less money for the wall than he had hoped for. Wright noted that Trump rejected several Democratic offers to address DACA, including at one point a deal that would have provided $25 billion for his wall. Meanwhile, the bipartisan option the White House vigorously lobbied against did gain a majority of votes, but fell six votes shy of the 60 needed to advance under Senate rules.



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