Trump praises Mexico for breaking up 'caravan'


Trump praises Mexico for breaking up 'caravan'

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says his state welcomes the deployment of the National Guard to the U.S. -Mexico border.

Mexican stocks have also been bolstered by reports that the Trump administration may announce a preliminary Nafta deal next week, which would remove some of the uncertainty that's weighed on the market. A foreign ministry statement issued Wednesday night says Nielsen told Videgaray that the troops will only be providing support for Department of Homeland Security work.

The president said that the nation's security was under threat from "drastic illegal activity", including drug smuggling. Trump said he was directing Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, in coordination with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, to come up with an "action plan" within 30 days.

President Donald Trump signed a memorandum Wednesday clearing the way for the deployment of National Guard troops to the border, but it will ultimately be up to the four border-state governors to finalize the numbers and precise timing.

One of those candidates said Mexico should restrict its cooperation with the US on anti-terrorism efforts until the troops are withdrawn. We do not accept the use of force, the militarization of the border, problems are not solved like that, said Lopez Obrador in Coahuila, where he presided over several vote-catching rallies.

The Mexican government said guard members "will not carry weapons or have immigration or customs duties".

A convoy of around 1,500 Central American migrants is travelling through Mexico as they head to the U.S., undeterred by President Trump's deployment of the army at the border.

They said that the size of the group of more than 1,000 people had made travel too hard, The Washington Post reported.

Hundreds of people, mostly from Honduras, are walking from Central America to cross the border into United States.



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