Students, community gather for downtown march on anniversary of Columbine


Students, community gather for downtown march on anniversary of Columbine

Students at The Ross School participated in a walkout on Friday to protest gun violence and advocate for school safety.

"A lot of the times, in protests, it feels it's for nothing because you don't see the immediate results". The effort was part of National School Walkout Day. They said they don't want to have to keep holding walkouts, and they understand that these events interfere with their education, but they have to keep fighting. However, she said the turnout Friday shows a strong group of students are dedicated to advocating for stronger gun laws.

Some South Pasadena students planned to walk to the Metro station after their leaving their campus and take a train to Pershing Square, where they planned to join other students for a rally.

Columbine High School does not have class on April 20, but faculty and staff instead encourage students to use the day helping others through community service.

On Thursday, survivors of the Parkland shooting gathered near Columbine High with a crowd of people seeking stricter gun laws.

In the Triangle, walkouts were held at East Wake Academy, Sanderson High School, Ligon GT Magnet Middle School and North Carolina State University.

The Columbine massacre haunted the nation, and remained the deadliest high school shooting in USA history-until Parkland.

"These people will never get to grow up and that's tragic, that's so sad, especially when we can do something about it".

Jancyn Apple, also with Pembroke Hill, said, "This isn't a Republican issue. I mean there have been so many cases with just random people, getting guns and doing stupid things with them", Vance Tyson said. "I think that this is the beginning".

The latest wave of school walkouts has sparked large demonstrations against gun violence in several cities.

"Some of us weren't even born yet and we still haven't had the changes we have asked for time and time again", Murdock said.



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