She's off! Camilla ditches Charles ahead of wedding anniversary


She's off! Camilla ditches Charles ahead of wedding anniversary

It is the first time since Australia became a self-governing country 117 years ago that both the Prime Minister and opposition agree on this. The British crown's power in Australia is largely symbolic, and while the Queen remains hugely popular, the monarchy is viewed by some as an anachronistic colonial relic.

The Prince of Wales will then take part in official proceedings, held on the distillery lawn.

"I didn't obviously see what you're referring to but she was enthusiastic in any dealing I had with her and was really positive", Beattie said. "I look forward to seeing him again", Turnbull added.

Poor Camilla doesn't seem to be having much fun on this trip down under - cameras caught her looking rather bored at several different points during last night's Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

The eyebrow-raising claims made headlines worldwide - and with Charles and wife Camilla in Australia to open the Commonwealth Games, Hit105 reporter Jase, from Stav, Abby and Matt's breakfast radio show, chose to go straight to the source to find out the truth.

The heir to the throne received a ceremonial welcome and 21-gun salute at Government House in Brisbane before meeting hundreds of well-wishers in the city's Botanic Gardens.

Charles will visit northern Queensland state, the neighboring Northern Territory and Vanuatu before returning to Britain next week.

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall graced the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony.

Charles has declined a cheeky invitation to explain why he, and not an Australian, should become the nation's next head of state in a speech during his Australian visit.



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