Second arrest after woman raped in Stowmarket


Second arrest after woman raped in Stowmarket

A woman's body was found Thursday morning in a pond near the Emerald Lakes Subdivision in Troy, police said.

Police said Autry broke into the pregnant woman's home on Holly Street, off Beatties Ford Road in north Charlotte, and asked for money.

The suspect allegedly ordered the woman to exit the vehicle and walk to a nearby ATM machine where she withdrew an amount of cash and gave it to the man. She made a noise and officers found her. He's been charged with kidnapping and robbery with a unsafe weapon, among other offenses.

The woman stated she did not have any money.

"I'm dying!" Autry said in the videos. If you want to follow the bore do so from high ground and don't get caught unawares.

Just over 90 seconds after Autry was shot, the officers lifted him into a clearing to provide medical help.

Police said the woman's dog did return home.

The police took into custody the woman's father, Devidas Koli (55), while her mother Tulsibai (50) and brother Hiralal (25) are at large, he said.

The official continued, saying that the neighbors heard gunshots. "She mouths to them, 'Thank you.' She knows the fact that these guys saved her life".



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