Samsung hit with patent lawsuit over biometric tech used in Galaxy smartphones


Samsung hit with patent lawsuit over biometric tech used in Galaxy smartphones

To use this service, consumers have to tap the phone on a regular card reader and make payments. One explanation is that the two are different variants of the same handset such as the Galaxy A6 and Galaxy A6+.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be released this summer by Samsung to increase the sales which seem to be lower than expected for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. We certainly expect more than six exciting phones in 2018, but these are the rumors that've caught our eye and the device's that need to be on your radar as we press deeper into 2018. According to the website, the next generation Samsung smartphone will have a super AMOLED display of 6.3-inch along with the resolution of 2,960x1,440 pixels. People reading this, if you own a smartphone which is older than a year old mark, I think its time for us to let go of the antiquated smartphones.

Then there's battery life. Last month it was rumored that the Galaxy maker was weighing up including the new bio-metric hardware in the Note 9.

In size and basic technical characteristics, it is similar to that presented not so long ago Galaxy S9, however, he got a double camera, like his older "brother" Galaxy S9+.

A massive mark of progress three years on is in photography.

If you thought half a billion dollars was a big sum, just wait until you see what Samsung is facing as the result of a recently filed lawsuit.

What do you think of the image quality of these images captured by the Galaxy S9 sets? The South Korean original equipment manufacturer hasn't responded to the complaints in a public capacity, though numerous users who returned their devices in the United Kingdom and the United States claim the company acknowledged they were faulty and agreed to replace them.

Continuing its exclusivity with Samsung, Goal+ is the ultimate football app for stats and live coverage, covering all major European competitions.

Nearly all smartphones follow the same identity their siblings carry like my S6 resembles the Galaxy S9.



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