Queen Elizabeth pays female staff more than male employees


Queen Elizabeth pays female staff more than male employees

Any difference between the salary and bonus of all male employees and all female employees on a mean and median hourly basis, the proportion of each gender receiving a bonus and the proportion of men and women in each pay quartile.

Why is this happening now?

"Our gender gap paints a misleading picture about our commitment to gender diversity and equality", the statement read, adding that when head office roles were excluded, the gender pay gap dropped to 6 percent.

What they've pledged: Warner plans to make it an "urgent priority" to help more women progress through the company by implementing measures that include employee-led working groups tasked with tackling diversity, a new code of conduct, more diverse candidate pools, and revised parental leave policies.

This compares to an average median pay gap across the United Kingdom of 18.8 per cent.

The gallery above shows the 10 employers with the greatest pay gap between men and women in Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Rushden, followed by the 10 organisations at the other end of the scale.

These are two different ways of working out the average that give much different results. Instead, the government intend to publish industry-specific league tables, highlighting the employers failing to even out differences in salary between men and women. There is a lot happening right away as we look to close ITN's gender pay gap.

Women's median hourly rate is 29.6 per cent lower than men's, which translates as women earning 70p for every £1 that men earn.

And while 82.8pc of female employees received bonuses compared to just 27.8pc of men, their bonuses were worth an average of 20.6pc less than those of their male colleagues.

'Years out of the workforce raising children permanently reduces women's earnings.'

Wyevale Garden Centre has reported women's mean hourly rate is 16% lower than men's, however the median hourly rate is 0% showing that men and women earn the same.

What did the data show?

All companies and public sector bodies in the United Kingdom had to submit data on mean and median gender pay gaps to the British government's Equalities Office. It has been suggested that women don't necessarily want high-flying careers in the same way that men do, that women go off to have babies, that women prefer jobs in middle management rather than right at the top.

While the information gathered exposes a company's overall gender pay gap, it does not necessarily mean that women are being paid less than men in the same roles.

Individual company data has been reported by companies to the Government Equalities Office.

How useful are these figures?

The data is based on the median pay for men and women in each firm, meaning that factors such as type and level of role and the numbers of people of each gender in part-time roles will also impact on the figures.



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