Oops! Fox News mistakenly posts graphic showing it lags in trust


Oops! Fox News mistakenly posts graphic showing it lags in trust

Kurtz did come back to the graphic later, not really addressing how far behind Fox was compared to other networks, but saying that 37 percent of people trusted Fox and Trump equally, which was higher than other news organizations.

Fox News host Howard Kurtz went off on the Associated Press in a Facebook post Monday morning, slamming the outlet for "a story that utterly distorts what happened yesterday on my program Media Buzz".

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Fox News broadcast a graphic showing it is viewed as less trustworthy by the public than rivals MSNBC and CNN.

"Speaking of fake news", Kurtz continued. Fox News has been the most-watched cable news channel for 16 consecutive years.

Then he turned to talking about how people still trust the news over Donald Trump. He said it was posted out of sequence, which explained why he asked to take it down but then referred to it later in the segment.

The host asked pollster Frank Luntz about this apparent disconnect. "Take that down, please", he hurriedly added.

For the record, the Monmouth poll found that 30 percent of those surveyed said they trusted Fox more and 20 percent said they trusted Trump more. That's more than I can say for the AP, which owes me a correction.

During the segment, the control room mistakenly posted the graphic early, while I was dealing with the fake news questions.



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