Nicki Minaj Sits Down with Zane Lowe For Comeback Interview


Nicki Minaj Sits Down with Zane Lowe For Comeback Interview

The two have been intertwined for months, as successful women rappers, featured guests on the same song, and potential combatants in a beef, real or imaginary.

Although the ladies have both denied that there's any beef between them, there are some people who are still sceptical. I'm not saying in it a cocky way, but yikes ...

Minaj then recounted the making of "MotorSport", the Migos-led song that features both Minaj and Cardi. Nicki confirmed that the video was the result of scheduling issues, which Cardi said in a previous Beats 1 interview, but shared her dismay that that interview, which took place last week, felt like the first time the issue was addressed at all. However, that's not the story she says Cardi or Migos told after the fact. No one else was on it. "Then what? What if Nicki spits a bar at me?" Cardi added fuel to the fire when she told an interviewer that Nicki's verse isn't the one we hear on the final version. "But 'MotorSport, I kinda felt ambushed".

"I texted [hairstylist Tokyo Stylez], "You know if I don't show up the day she's shooting, they're gonna act like it's because I'm doing it to be mean with the current Nicki hate train" ..." What do I have to lie about?

"If you ain't f**king my man or taking my money from me, stopping my money, I don't really give a f**k about you", Cardi said. "He texted me and he was like, 'I would go on Twitter and back you up if you were my girl'".

The two singles are the first tracks to debut from Minaj's upcoming fourth album, and some sources are saying that the 35-year-old rapper purposely waited a few days after Cardi B's album dropped to release new music. Comprised of nothing but hard-hitting drums and Nicki's piercing rhymes, the song is Nicki's purest Hip-Hop record in ages.

"I remember when I first came in the game". (Okay) / Was it worth it, dummy? I love Quavo. At the time, I went on Twitter and explained how "MotorSport" came about. Of course, this bit-whether Bardi intended for it to be this way or not-only perpetuated the idea that Nicki had adjusted her "MotorSport" verse so she didn't get out-rapped. "That really, really, really hurt me because I really supported her".

Cardi B is yet to respond to Nicki Minaj's latest alleged diss.



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