NFL Draft 2018: Will the Browns take Baker Mayfield at No. 1?


NFL Draft 2018: Will the Browns take Baker Mayfield at No. 1?

The roster shakeup has been so extensive, Buffalo has nine players left who were on the team in 2015 (not including Wood, who is still on the active roster for now), and only three drafted by the Bills: DT Kyle Williams (fifth round, 2006), OL John Miller (third round, 2015) and TE Nick O'Leary (sixth round, 2015).

Every other mock draft has been done purely through my eyes and what I would do, but this final one is going through the lens of what I think the Browns may do with my own alternatives thrown in for a few spots as there is simply too much out there not to have an idea of what the Browns might want to do, especially with the first round picks.

What is certain, however, is that whatever team selects him, Barkley is going to be Barkley, a shifting, darting, stutter-stepping, swift, hurdling, pass-catching, all-purpose back who has the potential to blaze his own trail as one of the very best in the National Football League, maybe surpassing the achievements of Martin and another one of his favorite players, Barry Sanders.

None of that precludes them from taking a quarterback. They re-signed Josh McCown, the starter last year, in the off-season; signed Teddy Bridgewater, who's still coming back from a severe knee injury almost two years ago; and have holdovers Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg.

We'll find out soon enough as the 2018 NFL Draft is scheduled to kick off this Thursday, April 26. The veteran QB was forced to carry the offense in 2017, and we all know how that panned out.

Mayfield easily has the best resume of the four quarterbacks that could be taken near the top of the draft. "If I didn't, I just don't think I wouldn't been able to make it through the grind of college". Trading next year's one?

"I know everybody seems to be locked in on that, I don't know why", a smiling Maccagnan said of the QB-to-Jets speculation. Alabama's Rashaan Evans is a name to watch early as a possible pickup at linebacker. Cool story. He played eight-man football in high school in Idaho, and just recently emerged as a strong bottom-of-the-first-round candidate. With the first and fourth picks in this year's selection process, the Browns are expected to lead things off by taking a passer.

Coach Bill Belichick said everything is on the table.

Mike Hughes could be the selection here. "I think it's going to be a insane eight, 10, 12 picks, so many permutations of the quarterback conversation". They hold the No. 5 overall pick. The scouts love this kid. One year after saying the 49ers were "open for business", Lynch will consider all trades in the upcoming draft. He is coming off of a very serious shoulder injury and surgery.

New England has plenty to work with. This is one of the most confusing years to figure out which teams are going to do what in the first round.

"We've traded draft picks for players on the day of the draft; we did that past year".

Barkley says it makes no difference to him. As a junior, Moore had 41 catches for 637 yards and six scores.

Who is the most explosive player?

The 2018 NFL Draft is unlike any in recent memory.

The Patriots could use more talent at offensive tackle after losing Nate Solder.

The last quarterback that New England selected in the first round? Josh Rosen is the most polished thrower, but the question the Giants are mulling is this: Are they comfortable with Josh Rosen as the face of their franchise for a decade?

"That would be the best place for him to go".



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