Led Zeppelin Releases Debut Record Store Day Vinyl Single


Led Zeppelin Releases Debut Record Store Day Vinyl Single

Attendees can also look forward to a scavenger hunt with special prizes.

Out spilled Grateful Dead boxed sets, Jimi Hendrix 45s and AC/DC cassettes - and dozens more albums and 45s - all to be affixed with price tags Tuesday and Wednesday and, on Friday night, placed in bins.

"I think given the quality of the ambassadors, I'm quite embarrassed I got to be the ambassador", he laughs.

Led Zeppelin's first Record Store Day issue, "Friends"/ "Rock and Roll, ' a yellow vinyl, 7" single, featuring alternate mixes of the two classic songs.

Neil Young's Tonight's The Night Live At The Roxy was first made when Neil and his band chose to blow off some steam after recording Tonight's The Night. "That happens on Record Store Day and we make it a big party". "He said there's people who are willing to buy the album for $130 - yet they're only $50". Vinyl is not an exclusive club, anyone and everyone is encouraged to come along - with over 500 exclusive releases we don't doubt that you're going to unearth so many hidden treasures, but you'll have to beat us to it (the game is on guys).

Back when Record Store Day began, Jon Lambert never imagined the event would be such a hit with collectors.

Sabine Feisst, a musicology professor at ASU, said true music lovers are fueling the resurgence of record sales.

"I've been getting lots of calls and messages", Breasseale said.

Around five years ago, Casimir's brother gave her three Nirvana records.

Led Zeppelin Releases Debut Record Store Day Vinyl Single
Led Zeppelin Releases Debut Record Store Day Vinyl Single

The majority of that stock is used records - the sales of which aren't included when recorded music sales are counted. "It's a day when record retailers and record manufacturers work together to produce an exclusive offer seeped in the idea that the record shop has something unique to offer the purchasing public".

It is vinyl enthusiasts Christmas. It was the 12th consecutive year that vinyl sales increased, a 9 percent jump from 2016.

"They're a very popular metal band and it was the very very first thing they ever recorded back in the 80s and it's been out of print forever", Judge said.

The first official Record Store Day was held in 2008.

Record Store Day launched in the United Kingdom in 2008 - a year after it had started in the US. Visit the Record Store Day website to see the full list of 2018 releases and participating stores.

"It's always the biggest day of the year", he said. Shops receive a limited quantity of special releases, many of which are available only during this event. On Facebook, somebody posted that it's nothing but a money grab.

"We were instantly exposed to a community of people that appreciate art and vision, and it shaped and molded our view on our local music community", he said. If you've seen the guitar-god documentary It Might Get Loud, you understand White's passion for the authenticity of analog music: in one of the movie's more revealing scenes, he constructs a guitar out of found parts including a Coke bottle and plays it.

"It was great fun, so that's the first thing to say, but it also, I think, was quite fulfilling because it felt as though Record Store Day is a part of making a difference, promoting independent record stores, promoting, particularly, Australian music, Australian artists, and I think connecting with people", says Albanese of his time in the role.



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