Kim Kardashian in birthday suit again


Kim Kardashian in birthday suit again

Let's face it, when Kim Kardashian wants to break the internet, she doesn't have to try all that hard!

Since it's been a few months since her last fragrance release, there's been a lot of speculation about this one in particular, and some rumors even surfaced that the product is unisex.

Kim Kardashian West had a mold cast of her naked body to be used to create the bottle for her new perfume KKW Body.

The sexy pictures included a couple of risque close-up snaps of her pelvic region and her breasts.

The bottom line in, Kim's announcement seems to have done its job, as the world is certainly talking about the new eau According to the posts, it is set to launch on April 30.

Kim also shared a host of racy promotion images which show her lying on a bed naked.

While Kim Kardashian West is anything but shy, these revealing photos don't expose anything in particular - likely due to Twitter's restrictions. She shared a photo from the process on Tuesday, April 24, displaying her world-famous figure covered in plaster.

"We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle".

Other fans were less interested in the perfume, but were willing to make jokes about Kardashian's packaging inspiration. It's really cool. The scent is so good.

The KKW Beauty x Argenis Créme Color Sticks come in five different colors, all named by Argenis: Genis, Muyor, Dramatico, Peshosa & Comic King. I just don't like people knowing my every move, ' Kim admitted in the same interview with the Business of Fashion.



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